The continuing saga

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Grey Toronto

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Top of Hongkong

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the shoe of the season

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At the Launch of When Tommy met Anna at the room, the shoe that the cool boys were wearing was the Prada Creeper from the Spring collection. Both Kirk Pickersgill and Tommy Ton donned them, they have also been seen on Susie Sheffman of Fashion Magazine and Tu Ly.

postcards from Turkey

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I just came back from Turkey. I was there for a shoot with Fashion magazine. We went to Antalya for the shoot and we had a few days in Istanbul, it was an amazing trip and an amazing country.

things aren’t what they always appear

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Shanghai Yuyuan
It may look like a picture postcard of China, but on my recent trip to Shanghai Starbucks and a doppio espresso are never far away.

the Fashion Editor

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A modern day Diana Vreeland was the inspiration for an upcoming editorial for a Fashion Magazine story. The concept was the idealized behind the scenes vision of the day in the life of a fashion editor, Fashion Director Susie Sheffman pulled so many great accessories, unfortunately only a few actually make it to the pages of the magazine, here is a sample of all the gorgeous Hermes, Celine, Bottega bags and Tom Ford shoes that were on set.

my favorite places

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I was in Montreal this week for work, happy to know somethings stay the same, I went to my old haunts, L’express, Holder, the Saint Paul Hotel and Couleurs, it’s comforting to be in those places, like hanging out with your best friends.

the Scent of a Man

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In this industry there is a lot off hugging, and when people say “oooh u smell nice” my answer is always Creed, My fav’s include Green Irish Tweed, Royal Water and Himalaya. Emperor Franz-Joseph and Empress Sissi of Austro-Hungary, Queen Christina of Spain and Cary Grant can’t be wrong… The Company has been around since 1760, they must be doing something right.

Black Fleece

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I think what Brooks Brothers is doing with their Black Fleece line is spot on, I visited the shop on Bleecker Street, the staff was super helpful and the vibe at the store was relaxed and unpretentious.

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