Red Hot Rihanna

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Rihanna Fashion Magazine cover October 2007Today as I was driving to the gym I was listening to Ryan Seacrest (my supposed twin brother) and he was talking about Rihanna and the misfortune she has encountered as of late. It got me to thinking of happier times that she had.

I photographed her for the October 2007 cover of Fashion Magazine. I remember every one was freaking out because she was over 2 hours late, I felt worried that I was going to have a Diva on my hands. When she walked in with her posse it though for sure it was going to be trouble. She turned out to be so sweet and genuine, apologizing endlessly for her tardiness. She was amazing, she got right into the swing of things and was willing to try any thing for the shoot and stayed longer to make up for the lost time. Rihanna took time out to sign autographs for the fashion editor’s daughter. You hear so many bad things about young pop stars and all I can say it that she was GREAT, I hope the best for her in these difficult times.

Rihanna Fashion Magazine 2007rihanna2

CBC Fashion File coverage of Fashion Magazine cover shoot of Rihanna.

My all time hero

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