4ever Stam

March 30, 2009 · Posted in Photography · Comment 

In every photographers life their are a few shoots that resonate with many viewers. One such shoot I did was with Jessica Stam.

It was simple shoot, we brought my bed down from my bedroom set it up on some paint cans and put a scrim behind it in front of one of the windows in my studio. Jessica transformed herself into an iconic movie star from days gone by. Sometime in life you just have to remember the old rule K.I.S.S.

jessica stam photo by gabor jurina

jessica stam photo by gabor jurina


what’s wrong with people

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I don’t know when things went so awry, but this constant need for people to publish there person lives perplexes me. I know it may appear that I’m being contradictory because I have a blog but this Twitter thing is just stupid. Who needs to know that I’m in the toilet or that I just ate a Big Mac (not that I would ever do either hahahahaha) I’m one of the last people I know not to own a smart phone and I will resist as long as I can.

It was bad enough with people and there useless Facebook status updates but now people even have Twitter ghost writters.
There was a time when discretion was the better part of valour but now certain people publish there most embarrassing moments for all to see (I guess I’m just old ), I don’t need my life to be a bad episode of Gossip Girl.

Spring is near

March 30, 2009 · Posted in Lifestyle · Comment 

Whenever the weather turns nice and spring is near i think of Paris.

Coco Rocha superstar

March 30, 2009 · Posted in Friends · Comment 

It’s so great to see one of our Canadian models do so well and the even greater part is that Coco Rocha (unlike some of the others is giving back). Coco was recently in Toronto for the finally of Project Runway Canada and was supporting Canadian Fashion in Full Force.
She wore an amazing seat belt jacket and motor cross pants by the very talented design duo Kirk and Stephen from Greta Constantine and was singing their praises full on.

It was a strange season in Milan this year and maybe the recession had something to do with it but the Runway Stars were noticeably absent from most of the shows. It wasn’t till Versace that the Supers came out in full force and it was a welcome change. After watching a week of nameless russian bone racks the sexy girls strutted there stuff and Coco was the star with her new red hair.
We caught up with her after the Versace show and she was positively radiant and took time out of her busy evening to chat with us a bit.

gabor jurina and coco rocha post versace show 2009

gabor jurina and coco rocha post versace show 2009

It’s great to see her and know she is proud to be Canadian.

Coco Rocha shot by Gabor JurinaCoco Rocha shot by Gabor JurinaCoco Rocha shot by Gabor Jurina

Milan eccentrics

March 6, 2009 · Posted in Fashion · Comment 

dscf1005-copy1Though Milan is considered to be the most commercial of all the fashion capitals, there is no denying that fashion eccentrics are here in full force
The star of all of them is Anna Piaggi, she never disappoints, I remember the first time I saw here years ago in Paris she was wearing a brown polyester Mc Donald’s uniform, we later saw that brown double knit on the Prada runways. This season in Milan she was every where as usual and I was able to get a picture of her at the Moschino show, she was very pleasant when I asked to take here picture.
Even though I’m boring and my favorite colour is navy blue, I always appreciate the individuals who brighten up our lives and take chances with their appearance. Without Anna Piaggi, Anna Della Russo and there tribe life would be very boring indeed.