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steve mcqueenI’ve been travelling a lot lately, on and off planes and taxis etc. Now with modern travel you have to spend so much time in airports and you can’t help but observe people and I’ve come to the conclusion that people are slobs. I miss the days when people made an effort. That got me to thinking about relaxed style and the guys that set the bar for it. It’s not particular outfits or particular items, it’s just that they always seemed cool and relaxed, even when wearing a tuxedo.

Cary Grant did not come from a world of privilege, he actually came from humble origins, yet he was able to epitomize a confident elegance. Steve McQueen always seemed like we wasn’t trying, on or off screen he was always put together. The original Thomas Crown Affair ranks as the most stylish movie of all time. Even on the plains of Africa Peter Beard looked cool and collected, even when he was in the jaws of a crocodile,
220-350cary-grant-posterssteve-mcqueen-and-his-1963-ferrari-250-gtpeter beard

So people: let’s make airports sweatpants, pajamas-as-daywear and Crocs free zones, there is no excuse.

The Raleigh Hotel

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I often say that the allure of Miami is it’s combination of the sacred and the profane.
and the most sacred of places is the Raleigh hotel, it’s nestled amongst a strip of see and be seen hotels.
From the moment you walk in through the lush tropical garden that hides the hotel from the street you know you are some place special.
Some of the staff have been there for years and they are friendly and unpretentious. It’s like walking back in time when discretion was a virtue.
I remember I was there on a shoot, the fashion editor had made plans to eat with her family so I was left alone.
It was one of those rainy Miami evenings, I decided to have dinner on the serene terrace. The beehive lamps were gently swaying over the patio. After my meal I ordered my usual Sapphire and Tonic and the coconut flan (which sadly they don’t make anymore) As I sat there relaxing I thought the one thing that would make this evening perfect would be to hear Quizas,Quizas,Quizas by Nat King Cole (one of my favorite songs) before I took the first sip out on my cocktail the song came on.
Many hotels pride themselves on fulfilling your wishes but it’s a rare hotel that can read your mind.
If you’re looking for bottle service and ladies with fake appendages then this is not the place for you, if your looking for a magical place the Raleigh hotel is a diamond amongst a sea of cubic zirconium.
I’ve shot there a number of times and I’m looking forward to my next visit.
Other places I like in Miami are Paul (cafe) on Lincoln Road, Base and Books and Books

Flower Power

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Sometimes I think there is something in the air. It has happened before and I know it will happen again.

Elise and Gabor for Glow magazine

Elise and Gabor for Glow magazine

When we plan stories for magazines the ideas come from many places, sometimes it’s the art director, sometimes it’s the beauty/fashion editor and sometimes it’s the photographer. Weeks and even months go into the planning of stories and then it’s at least a month (if not more) after the shoot is completed that it ends up on the news stand.

My heart dropped when I opened the March issue of Haper’s Bazaar and there was a story in it that looked very similar to a story I had shot months earlier for Glow Magazine. The worst part was that our story dropped on the news stands a couple of weeks later.
We live in a post modern world and sometimes the idea of originality seems obsolete. Within weeks of Designer Runway shows stores like Zara and H&M have knocked off the look and are selling items that look similar to the designer originals.
I know we are all influenced by our hero’s, but I’ve always tried to put my own passion and personal history into my work.
I once did a shoot inspired by Wong Kar Wai because I felt very passionatlely about his movies. That being said I’ve never copied someone else’s editorial, so it was such a shock to see it in Harper’s Bazzar.
The Germans have a word for it, Zeitgeist (they have a word for everthing) It’s like there is something in the air, or it could be mere coincidence, but it’s funny that people who don’t know each other come up with the same ideas at the same time.