The Flea Market at Les Puces

May 31, 2009 · Posted in Fashion, Travel · Comment 

Last night I gave up an invitation to go to Regine’s so I could wake up early today. My destination… The Flea Market at Porte Clignancourt known as Les Puces.

It was a journey getting there because it’s too far for my favourite mode of French transportation, the Velib. It’s on the outer edge of Paris, so I has to put up with the deodorant-free Parisians on the crowded metro. Once you get past that hurdle you have to go through the stalls selling ugly jeans and deal with the people hawking fake LV baseball caps (did anyone tell them that LV does not make baseball caps). Beware the mobsters playing the oldest trick in the book, the shell game victimizing naive tourist, they’ll chase you down the rue if you try to take a picture of them (as I found out)

Once you get past these obstacles you are in a world of enchantment. It’s a feast for the eyes (good thing because my waistline is expanding from all the french pastries I’m seduced into eating). Stalls selling Art Deco objet d’art vie for attention amongst the shops jammed with mid century modern and 18th century antiques. There’s something to suit all budgets, from 1 euro keychains to 2000 euro chandeliers. I found a particular stall that sold vintage Chanel and L.V., no wonder so many designers comb these shops for inspiration. Even if you leave empty handed, the Flea Market is a destination not to be missed.

it’s raining chic

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When the spring weather turns from sunny to rain, the Parisians don their trenches, even when riding the Vélib (my favorite form of transportation) they still manage to pull it off with Parisian flair. Even though a newbie, I can’t help but be influenced.

Disco returns to Paris (did it ever leave?)

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maximsFriday night seems to be the night when the 70′s come to Paris.

Maxim’s hosts a great night with a nonstop sound track of Gloria Gaynor and her chums. The champagne flows and the beats throb, whilst the young and not so young fashionistos crowd the dance floor. The art deco splendor is a dream and the friendly bartenders make it a night to remember.

bonjour from gay Paris

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O.K. I’ve been here a week, and I’ve been so busy doing nothing that I haven’t had time to blog. Of course the first thing I did after getting of the plane was go to a cafe, I haven’t stopped since.

I really have to admire the Parisian’s for for there love of leisure. I plan to explore that life of leisure for the next few months (though, of course not being born into wealth I will be working on occasion)

U Glow Girls

May 5, 2009 · Posted in Fashion, Friends · Comment 

Star make-up artist Hung Vanngo’s girls rocked the red carpet at the Met’s Costume Gala last night, the theme was Model as Muse, it was a tribute to the models who have changed the way we look at beauty. Helena Christensen and Eva Herzigova looked positively radiant under the talented hands of Vanngo. He has long been one of my favorite make-up artist, the way he transforms a model’s face is genius, they appear to glow from the inside out.


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picture-5I’m always amazed at how fast information travels on the internet, Greta Constantines new look book came out today and it has already made it to London,
Well respected blogger Susie Bubble (no relation to Paul/Bubble from Greta) has already given them rave revues on her blog Style Bubble and they are available at Harrod’s exclusively in the U.K.. It’s not long before Kirk and Stephen become international stars and no longer a Canadian secret. You go boys !!!!