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September 26, 2009 · Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle 
fanny pack at D&G

fanny pack at D&G

I’ve had this uneasy feeling for a while, that questionable accessories of the late 80′s and early 90′s the Fanny Pack is on it’s way back.
I must be honest, I do look at them with mixed emotions. In our modern world we possess so many accoutrements, not just iphones, black berries and if your like me and technologically incompetent, also an IPod (I haven’t figured out how to transfer my music on to my IPhone). On top of that our wallets are packed with loyalty cards, one for your pharmacy, a different one for every airline you fly, electronics stores and authenticity cards from you wallets specific manufacturer.

When I was in Paris I was looking for a murse, you know ’cause of the Velibe. I had to carry my phone, mints, keys, wallet, etc. and alas my pockets were jammed. I saw a nice leather fanny pack at Prada in Galleries Lafayette …. but all I could think of was male strippers wearing hammer pants and loose sport back tank tops. When I went to the Prada on Avenue Montaigne, I asked the nice salesman if they were dubious or not, his answer was “If Mrs. Prada makes it it must be in fashion”
It seems that designers have the same issues as I do, announced their presence at Marc Jacobs and D&G and my friend Susie Sheffman from Fashion Magazine has been seeing them all over Milan Fashion Week.


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