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Fahion Magazine Gabor Jurina
When Susie Sheffman and I were in Milan last spring, we went to the “re-see” of the Prada collection for fall 2009, the first thing that came out of Susie’s mouth was “the girls guide to Hunting and Fishing”. to be honest I never read the book, but it seemed to be a perfect description of Miucca’s look for this fall. Sometimes one designers collection can influence a fashion story, then the fashion editor finds looks from other designers to round out the shoot.

The first job at hand was finding the perfect location, with the help of the Ontario Tourist Board we found this wonderful resort, The Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park. The fashion team starts their work, countless hours of scouring look books and a zillion calls, some frustration and the clothes arrive at the magazine. We pack up our team and off we go to Algonquin, arriving in a rag tag menagerie of station wagons and white rental panel vans instead of a fleet of Black Suburbans.

The work begins the night before the shoot, we go through the looks, finalize the make-up inspiration and then we get a little down time, the adventurous go for a dip in the frigid water and then we hang out for a bit on the porch of one our cabins. We start early the next day, make-up takes a while and I want to catch the early morning light. We are pumped by the excitement and shoot till late in the day. The shoot takes two days, there is hard work, it’s not easy balancing on rocks in platform shoes, particularly when one of the islands is covered in little gifts from the birds. It may not be glamorous behind the scene’s but it sure is fun. Check out the story in the October issue of Fashion Magazine,
greg wencel and elise behind the scenes Fashion Magazineon location Fashion Magazineon location Fashion MagazineElise, photo by Gabor Jurina


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