Anna at Marni

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Marni pre fall 2010 show
Marni is the first show this Sunday … Bright eyed and bushy tailed…not !!! Try getting a coffee in Milan on a Sunday morning.
Anna is in the front talking with Robin Gihvan… All the Marni faithful are here.. It’s like church for the fashion crowd

Ferretti’s magical forest

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Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010
The Fall 2010 Ferretti Collection was presented in the beautiful Palazzo Del Senato on Via Senato Milan to a jam packed crowd. The presentation was full of beautiful details that have become synonymous with the house of Ferretti.
If you are a celebrity looking for an evening gown to wear at the Oscars you need look no further than Alberta Ferretti. the gowns on the runway were an ode to feminine beauty.
There was something vaguely grecian yet modern about them. They were slinky without looking common, though if you have size dd implants (you know who you are… take them out right away)
The models looked ravishing, elegant and current.
Anna Wintour was in the front row and sat graciously for her photo’s
Alberta Ferretti fall2010img_0005img_0020Anna Wintour at Ferretti Fall 2010Anna Wintour Ferretti Fall 2010

giorgio armani’s privé world

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Clive Owen Aramani fall 2010
The highlight of the Armani fall 2010 show was mr. Clive Owen who was joined By Rachel Zoe seated next to him. He was dashing and charming and clapped at the correct times. I once sat next to him at the Starbucks across from the Hazelton Hotel on Yorkville, though being Canadian I did not bother him.
Rachel Zoe waxed poetic after the show, she knows what side her bread is buttered on.
I ran into this charming lady on my way out, I don’t know who she is but she was very captivating, I exclaimed Bella Donna and she smiled back
armani Fall 2010Rachel Zoe Armani 2010Rachel Zoe armani fall 2010chic lady at Armani fall 2010

Motto madness at Versace

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Versace Fall 2010
The Versace show started with the roar of a motorcycle, from there on we knew we were in for some sexy biker chicks. Fun as it sounds Donatella does makes women look strong and confident. As Barb Atkin from Holtrenfrew was over heard saying “Versace makes evening gowns sexy” (paraphrase)
The finale was breathtaking as the plexiglass wall ascended to reveal a sexy tableau of super models.
All praise Donatella !!!!
anna dello russo at Versace Fall 2010versace fall 2010anna piaggi from Italian Vogue, Versace fall 2010Versace Finale fall 2010