the Scent of a Man

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In this industry there is a lot off hugging, and when people say “oooh u smell nice” my answer is always Creed, My fav’s include Green Irish Tweed, Royal Water and Himalaya. Emperor Franz-Joseph and Empress Sissi of Austro-Hungary, Queen Christina of Spain and Cary Grant can’t be wrong… The Company has been around since 1760, they must be doing something right.

Black Fleece

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I think what Brooks Brothers is doing with their Black Fleece line is spot on, I visited the shop on Bleecker Street, the staff was super helpful and the vibe at the store was relaxed and unpretentious.

“Trad” style

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The Iconic book “Take Ivy” by T. Hayashida originally published in 1965 is being reissued for the first time in 45 years by Powerhouse Books. It proves that certain classics always look great, penny loafers, polo shirts and oxford cloth shirts stand the test of time.


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There was a vintage car show in Yorkville recently.
My favorite cars were on hand, like the “ferrari” Dino and a bunch of gaborgeous Porche 911′s and 1960′s Ferrari’s

I’m not so sure…

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has collaboration gone too far? Will the Kaiser do anything to get his muse into a photo?

everybody is doing it..

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It is all about collaboration, even Hermes is working with Colette on a bunch of hip new scarves to appeal to a different target market. The scarves will be in the Shop for Fall 2010.

Checker Marathon

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photo10, Checker Marathon, Gabor Jurina
I went for a little day trip to Willaimsville, New York (they have no taxis or Public Transit apparently). I came across this great Checker Marathon. I’m not a fan of American cars in general but this and the 70′s Jeep Grand Wagoneer are true classics.

Lovely Bones

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I love Riccardo Tisci’s collection for Givenchy, it’s not very Audrey, but then again there will never be another Audrey.
Check out the entire presentation on

Constant Craving

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Did I tell you i love the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach? still the ONE.


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stumptown coffee Gabor Jurina
My new favorite place for coffee in N.Y. is at Stumptown in the Ace Hotel, near the Flatiron Building… delish.. and even though the employees are incurable hipsters, they actually smile on a regular basis.
flat iron building Gabor Jurina

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