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February 27, 2011 · Posted in Lifestyle, Photography · Comment 

I was in Montreal this week for work, happy to know somethings stay the same, I went to my old haunts, L’express, Holder, the Saint Paul Hotel and Couleurs, it’s comforting to be in those places, like hanging out with your best friends.

“Trad” style

July 26, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Photography · Comment 

The Iconic book “Take Ivy” by T. Hayashida originally published in 1965 is being reissued for the first time in 45 years by Powerhouse Books. It proves that certain classics always look great, penny loafers, polo shirts and oxford cloth shirts stand the test of time.


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There was a vintage car show in Yorkville recently.
My favorite cars were on hand, like the “ferrari” Dino and a bunch of gaborgeous Porche 911′s and 1960′s Ferrari’s

Checker Marathon

July 12, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Travel · Comment 

photo10, Checker Marathon, Gabor Jurina
I went for a little day trip to Willaimsville, New York (they have no taxis or Public Transit apparently). I came across this great Checker Marathon. I’m not a fan of American cars in general but this and the 70′s Jeep Grand Wagoneer are true classics.

Constant Craving

July 12, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Travel · Comment 

Did I tell you i love the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach? still the ONE.


July 12, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Travel · Comment 

stumptown coffee Gabor Jurina
My new favorite place for coffee in N.Y. is at Stumptown in the Ace Hotel, near the Flatiron Building… delish.. and even though the employees are incurable hipsters, they actually smile on a regular basis.
flat iron building Gabor Jurina

heaven is a place on earth

July 12, 2010 · Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel · Comment 

Olga Maliouk, long island bahamas, gabor jurina

I’m often asked where is my favorite place to shoot, I have been to some great location, some stunning ones here in Canada, but one that rates amongst my top five would have to be the secluded gem that is Cape Santa Maria,Long Island Bahamas….
The beach is pristine and I mean PRISTINE, one can wade for hours in the ankle deep water, it’s paradise.
photo3 cape santa maria, gabor jurinaCape Santa Maria, Bahamas, Gabor JurinaCape Santa Maria, gabor jurina

Romantic Prague

March 30, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Photography, Travel · Comment 

Prague Gabor jurina
On my last made jaunt to Milan I took a bit of a detour to Prague. I was seduced by its beauty immediately. For the budget conscience traveller Prague is the ideal destination. I stayed in a four star hotel at a very reasonable rate (compared to the overpriced dump in Milan) Their are many to choose from, though I recommend the Hotel David Eurostar.

The city is full of romance around every corner. I walked the streets listening to A Single Man soundtrack, as the snow gently fell from the sky I was transported into a magical world full of captivating architecture. The city is full of many coffee houses that serve delicious apple strudel, which I sampled daily, though Goulash abounds, I still prefer Hungarian and would not recommend the Czech version.
If you want to get lost in medieval romance make sure to book a trip to fantastic Prague.
prague gabor jurinaprague gabor jurinaprague gabor jurina15019_10150100949885523_872100522_11431874_1735406_nPrague Gabor Jurinaprague Gabor Jurinaprague gabor jurinaPrague Gabor JurinaCP 1 cafe Prague

walking the streets of Milan

March 18, 2010 · Posted in Lifestyle, Photography, Travel · Comment 

milan gabor jurina

Milan is sometimes called the Pittsburgh of Europe, but I beg to differ. Though Milan may be over priced and lacks the grand boulevards of Paris, the city possesses it’s own unique charm. The Greta Garbo show sponsored by Faraggamo was great and I even ventured to the Acquario Civico di Milano to get away from the fashion crowd. Walking around this city one can only admire the Milanese and their impeccable taste.

getattachment-12aspxgetattachment-1aspxMilan Gabor Jurinagetattachment-5aspxgetattachment-11aspxMilan Gabor JurinaHotel Canada Milan gabor jurinagetattachment-8aspxgetattachment-7aspx

The Fashion Jungle

March 18, 2010 · Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel · Comment 

Animal print was out in full force in the crush that led up to the eagerly anticipated Dolce and Gabbana show.
The devotes were out in full force, including Rachel Zoe and Bryan Boy. The Gentlemen did not disappoint, many a fashion editor was almost moved to tears, widely considered to be one of the top shows of Milan Fashion week,the show was presented online and watched all over the world. Kirk Pickersgill from Greta Constantine was full of emotion after the show and revealed that it reminded him why he “wanted to be a designer”

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