The Fashion Jungle

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Animal print was out in full force in the crush that led up to the eagerly anticipated Dolce and Gabbana show.
The devotes were out in full force, including Rachel Zoe and Bryan Boy. The Gentlemen did not disappoint, many a fashion editor was almost moved to tears, widely considered to be one of the top shows of Milan Fashion week,the show was presented online and watched all over the world. Kirk Pickersgill from Greta Constantine was full of emotion after the show and revealed that it reminded him why he “wanted to be a designer”

Prada kink

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prada fall2010
I had the pleasure of viewing the Prada collection for fall 2010 in the spectacular Prada show space. The Prada collection is one that must be seen up-close to appreciate, it is a world that “Fast Fashion” can not compete in.

The whole feeling I get from the Prada collection is subversive sexuality. Only Prada can make p.v.c. Lady like.
I’ve believe you have more sexual power when you leave something to the imagination, Mrs. Prada seems to agree with me. I’ve always had a weakness for fashion from the late 50′s early 60′s when so much was happening behind the doors of the perfect lady’s home… I feel this collection reflects the power of such masterful directors like Wong Kar Wai, The sexual tension in movies such as In The Mood for Love is exaggerated by the emotion repression the characters are engulfed in.

The only shoes that felt new this season were the ones presented by Prada, all those stacked platforms one sees on the streets and in other collections just seem tired and old. The Fall 2010 Prada colection is the perfect wardrobe for Eva Marie Saint to seduce Cary Grant in a modern North by Northwest.
prada fall 2010Prada fall 2010prada shoes fall 2010prada shoes fall 2010

Ferretti’s magical forest

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Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010
The Fall 2010 Ferretti Collection was presented in the beautiful Palazzo Del Senato on Via Senato Milan to a jam packed crowd. The presentation was full of beautiful details that have become synonymous with the house of Ferretti.
If you are a celebrity looking for an evening gown to wear at the Oscars you need look no further than Alberta Ferretti. the gowns on the runway were an ode to feminine beauty.
There was something vaguely grecian yet modern about them. They were slinky without looking common, though if you have size dd implants (you know who you are… take them out right away)
The models looked ravishing, elegant and current.
Anna Wintour was in the front row and sat graciously for her photo’s
Alberta Ferretti fall2010img_0005img_0020Anna Wintour at Ferretti Fall 2010Anna Wintour Ferretti Fall 2010

giorgio armani’s privé world

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Clive Owen Aramani fall 2010
The highlight of the Armani fall 2010 show was mr. Clive Owen who was joined By Rachel Zoe seated next to him. He was dashing and charming and clapped at the correct times. I once sat next to him at the Starbucks across from the Hazelton Hotel on Yorkville, though being Canadian I did not bother him.
Rachel Zoe waxed poetic after the show, she knows what side her bread is buttered on.
I ran into this charming lady on my way out, I don’t know who she is but she was very captivating, I exclaimed Bella Donna and she smiled back
armani Fall 2010Rachel Zoe Armani 2010Rachel Zoe armani fall 2010chic lady at Armani fall 2010

Motto madness at Versace

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Versace Fall 2010
The Versace show started with the roar of a motorcycle, from there on we knew we were in for some sexy biker chicks. Fun as it sounds Donatella does makes women look strong and confident. As Barb Atkin from Holtrenfrew was over heard saying “Versace makes evening gowns sexy” (paraphrase)
The finale was breathtaking as the plexiglass wall ascended to reveal a sexy tableau of super models.
All praise Donatella !!!!
anna dello russo at Versace Fall 2010versace fall 2010anna piaggi from Italian Vogue, Versace fall 2010Versace Finale fall 2010

In the mood for love and more

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If you are a Wong Kar Wai devotee such as myself, one of the highlights of visiting H.K. is doing an informal tour of some of the iconic locations from his films. On my first night I walked bye Cafe Goldfinch which was in both In The Mood For Love and 2046. Later that week i ate there, granted the food it not great, but what do I care, it was like traveling back in time. It was perfect that the terminus for Happy Valley Mini Bus is right in front.
One day I ventured into Kowloon to the Chunk King House, it is anything but a “de Luxe Hotel” but as I wandered through the vendors stalls I felt like i was in the movie. One evening we went to the Central Escalator that was also in Chung King Express, it was so cool, traveling up just like Tony Leung did.

hong kong, all is not lost

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hong kong gaborgeous
I recently visited Hong Kong, the city can be overwhelming that is sure. Louis Vuitton and Chanel shops litter the street and compete with Starbucks for sheer volume. All though Hong Kong seems to be obsessed with the acquisition of status symbols (Porsche 911′s appear to outnumber taxicabs) there still is a bit of culture and beauty that has escaped the wrecking ball.
I was walking the streets of Happy Valley early on my post jet lag day, I came across some rare examples of early architecture, later that day I ventured to some traditional markets. I even journeyed to the Big Buddha.
Yes, Honk Kong is a Mecca for shopping but there is so much more to see if you just look around.

Mad about plaid

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Fahion Magazine Gabor Jurina
When Susie Sheffman and I were in Milan last spring, we went to the “re-see” of the Prada collection for fall 2009, the first thing that came out of Susie’s mouth was “the girls guide to Hunting and Fishing”. to be honest I never read the book, but it seemed to be a perfect description of Miucca’s look for this fall. Sometimes one designers collection can influence a fashion story, then the fashion editor finds looks from other designers to round out the shoot.

The first job at hand was finding the perfect location, with the help of the Ontario Tourist Board we found this wonderful resort, The Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park. The fashion team starts their work, countless hours of scouring look books and a zillion calls, some frustration and the clothes arrive at the magazine. We pack up our team and off we go to Algonquin, arriving in a rag tag menagerie of station wagons and white rental panel vans instead of a fleet of Black Suburbans.

The work begins the night before the shoot, we go through the looks, finalize the make-up inspiration and then we get a little down time, the adventurous go for a dip in the frigid water and then we hang out for a bit on the porch of one our cabins. We start early the next day, make-up takes a while and I want to catch the early morning light. We are pumped by the excitement and shoot till late in the day. The shoot takes two days, there is hard work, it’s not easy balancing on rocks in platform shoes, particularly when one of the islands is covered in little gifts from the birds. It may not be glamorous behind the scene’s but it sure is fun. Check out the story in the October issue of Fashion Magazine,
greg wencel and elise behind the scenes Fashion Magazineon location Fashion Magazineon location Fashion MagazineElise, photo by Gabor Jurina

The Flea Market at Les Puces

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Last night I gave up an invitation to go to Regine’s so I could wake up early today. My destination… The Flea Market at Porte Clignancourt known as Les Puces.

It was a journey getting there because it’s too far for my favourite mode of French transportation, the Velib. It’s on the outer edge of Paris, so I has to put up with the deodorant-free Parisians on the crowded metro. Once you get past that hurdle you have to go through the stalls selling ugly jeans and deal with the people hawking fake LV baseball caps (did anyone tell them that LV does not make baseball caps). Beware the mobsters playing the oldest trick in the book, the shell game victimizing naive tourist, they’ll chase you down the rue if you try to take a picture of them (as I found out)

Once you get past these obstacles you are in a world of enchantment. It’s a feast for the eyes (good thing because my waistline is expanding from all the french pastries I’m seduced into eating). Stalls selling Art Deco objet d’art vie for attention amongst the shops jammed with mid century modern and 18th century antiques. There’s something to suit all budgets, from 1 euro keychains to 2000 euro chandeliers. I found a particular stall that sold vintage Chanel and L.V., no wonder so many designers comb these shops for inspiration. Even if you leave empty handed, the Flea Market is a destination not to be missed.

it’s raining chic

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When the spring weather turns from sunny to rain, the Parisians don their trenches, even when riding the Vélib (my favorite form of transportation) they still manage to pull it off with Parisian flair. Even though a newbie, I can’t help but be influenced.

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